Everything is Connected: Defining Yogic Entrainment

(Published Yoganonymous.com) Entrainment is one of the first concepts that I share with my teacher trainees as they start their journey toward becoming yoga teachers. In simple terms: Entrainment is a matching, or synchronization, of biological rhythm to others. Picture thousands of people at a concert, swaying and clapping to the music in harmony. Another example […]

New Year, New Groove: How to Let Go of Perfectionism

(Published Yoganonymous.com) The turning of the calendar year marks another chance at a blank slate: full of hope and promise, and potential for bold change. Many of us are beginning 2016 with intentions for growth and shifts in the way that we greet the world—and ourselves. We are asking and answering an urgent question: What do I want to manifest […]

Bringing Peace to Everyday Moments

(Published Yoganonymous.com) Recently, I had an incident on my BART (San Francisco’s “‘metro”) ride home from teaching class. A man was yelling loudly and appeared disoriented; he was being very disrespectful to a young woman right in front of me. In those first, fast moments of watching the scene in front of me, I was […]

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