300hr Teacher Training


Universal Teaching concepts.
Individual practice and development.

We know that each teacher has a different style of teaching, breadth of expertise, and unique interest for furthering their yoga studies.

Lighting the Path 300-hour teacher training curriculum provides a solid base for advanced instruction while offering the flexibility for each teacher to personalize a unique direction for their advanced studies.

This modular training cultivates necessary skills for effective and heart-centered teaching: deep knowledge of asana, alignment and modifications, classroom presence, consistency, and authenticity. In addition, the program covers essentials of developing and sustaining a successful yoga business, integrating other passions into yoga offerings, and holistic print and social media marketing.

Lighting the Path is designed to be experiential. Intensive morning yoga practices allow trainees to advance their personal practice by embodying skills being taught in afternoon sessions. Trainees teach from day one and observe, study and practice teaching skills daily. Students work together in groups and individually to create classes and workshops that can be used immediately in their own regularly scheduled studio classes. Trainees also learn to tailor offerings for specific student populations and distinct student issues. Pete and his team offer trainees constructive feedback on their teaching, enabling them to be confident and present in the yoga classroom.

300hr Teacher Training
Yoga Alliance Certified

The Path to 300 Hours

The core curriculum of the LTP 300 Hour Advanced Training is divided into four independent 50-hour modules for a total of 200 hours. Taught by Pete, each module is five days in duration and focuses on a different aspect of advanced teaching and asana.

You can start the 300 program with any module as it is offered throughout the year. The 300 hour LTP Training modules include: (click each class for more info)

Building a Strong Base (June 10-14, 2019)
Bringing your Soul to the Teacher’s Mat (October 21-25, 2019)
Tailoring your Teaching (June 8-12, 2020)
The Emotionally Intelligent Teacher (November 2-6, 2020)

The remaining 100 hours of study is tailored by each trainee to reflect their teaching focus and interests, with the guidance and approval of the Pete G Yoga team. This allows trainees to pursue advanced workshops and trainings that benefit them most as a teacher. Included in these 100 hours is a 50-hour advanced mentorship program with Pete or another senior member of the LTP faculty. These mentorship relationships include in-class assisting, one-on-one meetings, teaching observation, and feedback to ensure that each student has an extraordinary amount of attention and coaching.

The LTP Advanced Teacher Training is open to yoga teachers of all levels from all backgrounds and lineages. Upon completion of all required coursework, you are qualified to register with Yoga Alliance at the 500-hour level.

LTP 300hr Teacher Training Modules

300hr Lighting the Path

Advanced Asana Intensives

Your morning begins with meditation and ceremony, followed by an intensive 3 hour asana practice designed to take you to the next level in your own practice. This extended practice also provides time to work on advanced assisting skills in real-time with your fellow trainees.

In order to enroll in the LTP Advanced Training modules, students must have completed a 200 hour training program. It is not a requirement to enroll in all modules sequentially. Teachers may enroll in modules for CE credit or to advance their skillset without being enrolled in the LTP 300 hour program.

300 hour LTP Training modules include: (click each class for more info)

Building a Strong Base (June 10-14, 2019)
Bringing your Soul to the Teacher’s Mat (October 21-25, 2019)
Tailoring your Teaching (June 8-12, 2020)
The Emotionally Intelligent Teacher (November 2-6, 2020)    

Afternoon Teaching Sessions

Afternoons are spent teaching, giving and receiving feedback, reviewing asana families, and specialized teaching. Sessions on mindful business topics, including negotiation and strategic marketing, round out the course offering. As a trainee, you will be observed directly by Pete, and will have the opportunity to sequence classes, practice assisting, and expand your work with intention and theming. As a part of the training, students will also learn how to provide constructive and thoughtful feedback to teachers.


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