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02-YA-SCHOOL-RYS-200Lighting the Path 2oohr Teacher Training is a comprehensive program for students wanting to become a certified Lighting the Path yoga teacher, or general yoga practitioners seeking an advanced studies yoga program to take them deeper into their practice and understanding of yoga. The training has two main components: ceremony and asana practice in the morning, and teaching skills instruction sessions in the afternoon.

This training has an extensive yoga teacher curriculum, including cueing, sequencing, hands-on assists, working with injuries, demonstration techniques, vocal presence, yoga philosophy, yoga history, the business of yoga, ethics, and anatomy. You leave prepared to teach a dynamic, effective, compassionate, and accessible vinyasa class for all levels of students.

“Here I am (at the end of Pete’s training), ready and inspired to teach.” – S. Sadaphiani

The learning environment of this training provides a safe space for exploration and curiosity. Pete employs various teaching techniques for you to understand and experience the curriculum. This includes demonstration, lecture, talking circles, group processes, and partner practice. All sessions are supervised by Pete, who offers encouragement and constructive feedback.

Deep connection with the community of trainees and trainers gives you the support you need during and after the training to be successful in establishing yourself as a teacher and throughout your yoga career.

Upon completion of this training, you are eligible to register with Yoga Alliance as an RYT-200 teacher. You will also be able to enroll in Lighting the Path’s 300hr teacher training course and/or the LTP mentorship program.


Aspiring teachers, experienced teachers, and dedicated yoga students are all welcome to this training. Trainees receive clear, concise instruction and support to align their work with their unique desires and passions.

Individual attention, focus on physical assisting and adjusting, and deep personal work make this a rewarding training for individuals who are already teaching.

Even if you do not plan to teach, the curriculum’s group processes, intensive practice, and curriculum offers dedicated students a way to connect with their voice both on and off the mat, advance their practice in a new and exciting way, and further enjoy the benefits of yoga in their daily lives.

What makes Lighting the Path Teacher Training so effective?

  • Prepares you to be an authentic and heart-based teacher offering effective, compassionate and accessible vinyasa classes for all levels of students.
  • Vigorous yoga intensive series that guide you deeper into your own practice and life purpose.
  • Afternoon instructional sessions covering an extensive yoga teacher curriculum, including cueing, sequencing, hands-on assists, working with injuries, demonstration techniques, vocal presence, yoga philosophy, yoga history, the business of yoga, ethics, and anatomy.
  • Curriculum includes a variety of teaching methods so you can learn, practice and embody the material.
  • Personalized attention, guidance and feedback from Pete and his highly qualified assisting staff.
  • Processes and tools to connect to your own heart’s wisdom; a strong foundation to help you become an adaptable and knowledgeable teacher for a wide variety of students. 
  • Begin teaching from Day 1; initially teaching to other trainees and gradually moving to teaching a public class under Pete’s guidance and purview.
  • Complete and become a certified Lighting the Path yoga teacher and registered Yoga Alliance 200 RYT.


This training is 200hr registered with Yoga Alliance and is offered in two formats each year: a 24-day intensive program in Bali and a six-month weekend program in Berkeley, CA. Click the button below to get started.

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Lighting the Path 200hr Teacher Training with Pete G

Morning Asana Intensives

Each morning of training begins with a short ceremony and chanting, followed by a 2-hour intensive asana class. These classes help trainees build strength in their own practice, and experience LTP’s smart and effective sequencing. Each intensive builds on the previous day’s skillset, ensuring that students are exposed to a wide variety of poses and sequencing options. Skillfully crafted classes layer a progression of alignment skills and include work with each of the asana families. The intensives are time for you and your practice, where you can feel safe in a community to move beyond your limitations or blocks.

“This training brought me back to myself and for that I will always be grateful.”

– ­J. Durland


Afternoon Sessions

Each afternoon instruction session is unique and gives you the opportunity to teach every single day of the training. Your first teaching exercise will be to one fellow trainee, and over the course of several sessions, you will build up to teaching larger groups. Teaching exercises are designed to help you work on your physical and vocal presence in the classroom.

Interactive work on alignment and assisting ensures that you are familiar with a solid group of asana poses, effective up-level and down-level options, physical and verbal adjustments, and modifications for injuries. You aren’t just reading about modifications and adjustments– you are seeing them in real time, and working with fellow trainees to practice.

Group and individual process work help you find your authentic voice as a teacher. These sessions clear the way for you to connect to your inner wisdom by breaking out of habitual patterns and stories that may no longer serve you. From that place, you can walk onto the teacher’s mat prepared to teach from a grounded and open space.

Trainees sharpen their skills in the essential elements of teaching including:

  • Efficient class sequencing
  • Setting class intention
  • Seeing and understanding physical structure and energy
  • Safe and effective hands-on adjustments
  • Communication, both verbal and non-verbal
  • Effective cueing and voice presence
  • Compassionate and assessable command of the classroom.

“My life was transformed in a way I never imagined. I deepened my yoga practice, forged ties with a beautiful community of practitioners, delighted in finding my playful side, and cultivated a whole new appreciation for life and my place in it. I enthusiastically say to you, prospective LTP graduate, “Definitely do it! You won’t be sorry!”  – SVS

Public Classes

One of the hallmarks of the LTP program is the opportunity for you to teach public classes during training. Along with your fellow trainees, and under Pete’s guidance, you will teach a public class twice, rotating between teaching the class and assisting. This hands-on practicum offers informative feedback from Pete. This real-world experience is vital to building confidence and helps prepare you to teach immediately after training ends.

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Individualized Attention

Unlike other trainings, where multiple teachers rotate through different modules of the training, Pete oversees the entire training. This difference means that students get a tremendous amount of individualized support from Pete, as well as his senior Lighting the Path teaching assistants. Injuries and special needs are considered so that each trainee can experience their practice in a personalized, safe, and appropriate way. The community connection builds trust and provides a unique environment for individuals to walk their own paths with tailored support.

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Lighting the Path 200hr Teacher Training with Pete G

Senior Guest Teachers

image1-1Abbie Dutterer (E-RYT 200) is the Program Director for Pete G Yoga. She serves on the faculty of Lighting the Path’s 200 Hr training program and manages many of Pete’s trainings, workshops, and events. She has studied with Pete since 2011 and graduated in the first class of LTP teachers in 2013. Abbie has also studied extensively with Ana Forrest, completing both Forrest Yoga Foundation and Advanced trainings. She teaches public classes throughout the East Bay, and is passionate about bringing mindful movement to underserved teenagers in the Bay Area. She lives in San Francisco with her husband and two furry, feline gurus. To learn more about Abbie, visit www.justabbie.com.



3536639fdeb36ce654ba0d200967b8f6Dorene Adams (Anatomy) It is Dorene Adams’ belief that health of the mind and body are directly related, and therefore, happiness is an integral part of one’s own health.  Yoga is unique in its ability to promote this balance.  With that in mind, she became a yoga instructor, hoping to not only give yoga and all it’s benefits a more prominent role in my personal life, but to share this gift with others. As an RN with a Master’s Degree in Nursing Education, she is deeply trained in western healing.  Over many years, she has slowly integrated my anatomical knowledge into her personal yoga practice and teachings.  Understanding the uniqueness of each individual body allows all bodies to find a safe, healthy and sustainable yoga practice. www.TheRestlessMat.com




Lauri Smith (Voice Coaching) is the author of Your Voice Matters: A Guide to Speaking Soulfully When It Counts.  Known as “The Voice Whisperer,” Lauri’s passion is elevating leaders’ voices and consciousness, which then transforms and amplifies their impact in the world. She works with thousands of individuals and corporate teams to connect to their deeper purpose and empower innovation – enabling them to speak from their authentically compelling selves when it matters most.  She helps Leaders do more than communicate, she helps them move people. www.Voice-Matters.com



WSF_022114_113940Lynann Politte (Business of Yoga) guides trainees in connecting their passion for yoga into a unique marketing expression for their teachings that will attract the students who resonate with their teachings. She offers practical steps that can be applied as soon as you graduate in seeking your first job. Lynann has over 20 years experience in managing and promoting prominent yoga teachers, building their business in the yoga industry. She recently launched Balancing the Elephant, her comprehensive online business course for yoga teachers. She teaches business courses at conferences including Yoga Journal, is a CET accredited Yoga Alliance presenter, and regularly contributes her yoga business advice to numerous publications.



Michelle C - 2016-02-24 at 05-07-20Michelle Cordero (Yoga History) E-RYT500, RPYT, MFA, Certified Life Coach brings over 20 years of experience to her teaching. She is a graduate of several foundational Yoga Teacher Trainings: Yogaworks, Forrest Yoga Foundation and Shiva Rea.  Michelle is a Certified Forrest Yoga Instructor, and she was recently selected by Ana Forrest as a  Forrest Yoga Guardian in Training. Michelle is passionate about training new yoga teachers, and travels nationally as Lead Assistant to Ana Forrest for her workshops and trainings.  Michelle facilitates an introspective and personal approach to the philosophy of yoga. She begins with a very brief History of Yoga followed by her specialty – bringing the Yoga Sutras to life.  She makes the nearly two centuries old philosophy relevant to practitioners today.  www.michellecordero.com


“Life­changing. If you want to grow as an individual, get in touch with your authentic self, and learn marketable skills all at the same time, this training is for you.”

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Already 200-hr registered?
Many teachers enroll in the LTP 200-hour program even if they are already registered to teach through another Yoga Alliance Registered School (RYS). The unique individual attention, focus on physical assisting and adjusting, and deep personal work make this a rewarding training even for individuals who are already teaching.

No plans to teach, but want to go deeper into your practice?
We have many students who start training with no plans to teach after graduating from the 200-hour training. LTP offers a beautiful space for advanced practitioners and dedicated students to focus on their practice in a special way. Even without plans to teach, the exercises throughout training and practice teaching as a part of the course, helps connect these students with their voice both on and off the mat.


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